Total Area: 41,28 sq. km.

Resident Population: 8.9 million

Swiss Population: 6.1 million

Foreign resident population by nationality/region:

EU/Efta 1.1 million, Italian 280,130, German 263,28,

Portuguese 212,586, Asia/Oceania 120,572, France 95,643, America 74,511

Life expectancy: 84.5 years (women); 80.1 (men)

Religion: Roman Catholic 46.2%, Protestant (40.7%), None 8%, Muslim 2.2%

Main Languages:
German, French, Italian

The Government is headed by a seven person Federal Council elected by the Federal Parliament. Federal Councilors have equal power and represent a coalition of the leading parties. The Parliament is composed of a Council of States and a 200 member National Council.

Swiss franc CHF

Gross Domestic Product: SFr140.8 billion

Business Environment
The regulatory environment is reasonable and business friendly. Tax incentives are available for new investments.

Switzerland is one of the world's major financial centers. Its banking system is internationally recognized for the quality of its services. The Stock Market is the third largest in Europe, based on the value of equity trading.

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