Welcome to Georgian Swiss Business Association!


The Georgian Swiss Business Association GSBA, founded in December 2005, is a non-profit organization that promotes trade and economic relations between Georgia and Switzerland. The GSBA views itself as a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience between industrial, commercial and service enterprises in Georgia and Switzerland. It promotes the discussion of economic-related themes and other topics of shared interest relating to the two countries.


GSBA is one of the pillars of the Swiss community in Georgia and brings together the representatives of Swiss companies, encouraging networking and exchange of information and championing the establishment of Swiss values and quality through business. As a member you not only have the possibility be part of various events and activities, you also can benefit from diverse discounts special offers.

Our Mission

The Georgian Swiss Business Association is an association aiming to promote the development of commercial relations between Georgia and Switzerland. The GSBA promotes its goals by establishing relations with key policy makers and relevant governmental institutions in both Georgia and Switzerland on subjects of interest to its members and most importantly, provides an ongoing platform for members of the Swiss Business community to gather to share knowledge, experiences, problems and solutions.